Official List of Trusted Root Certificates on Android

The file path for the certificate(s) embedded in the APK file, information about the certificate owner and issuer such as name and location (if provided by the owner/issuer), and the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 hashes used to sign the certificate. The owner or issuer may provide the following information: Installing a CA Certificate on Android - LearnComputer As of Android 2.2 you should have both Certificate Installer and Certificate Manager installed. To find them go Settings-> Location & security, scroll down ->Credential storage-> … Carrier Configuration | Android Open Source Project

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Android accept only certificate in "Binary mode". If you have a certificate in Text mode, which is the most common certificate format, convert it simply in "DER Binary" format. After this, push the certificate into the "download folder of the Android device and use the "Install from SD Card" menu to install the certificate.

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