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Hey guys,I doubt anyone can help me, but worth a shot. I've tried all night, and my new Ps3 will not connect to my internet. I am using high speed cable internet, no router so I bought a 25 ft Unable to Connect a Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) to a Wireless Nov 28, 2016 How do I connect my Ps3 to internet? — Digital Spy So the modem bit connects you to the internet, the hub bit allows you to connect more than one device, either using Ethernet cabling or wirelessly. If you go wireless you may need to buy a dongle/card for your PC, dependent on the spec. You would then use cables/wireless to connect the PC & PS3 to the router. can I connect internet on my ps3 using my phone | Tom's Feb 25, 2018

Well, TheEndless, that is not always the case with ps3's after your ps3 had picked up the wireless router, you might need to enter a WPA key or a WEP key, enter your WPA/WEP key. if your wireless router does not have a security code, (WPA/WEP key) do not enter one. then carry on as TheEndless did

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Is it possible to hook up my ps3 without an ethernet cable

Sep 07, 2009 trying to connect PS3 to internet but - My Virgin Media I am trying to find my WEP/WPA code to connect daughters PS3 to internet, I have connected my laptop to hub3.0 via ethernet cable, but - 4178184 Playstation: How do I connect my ps3 to my wifi? | How-To Turn on your modem and router. Make sure that your wireless router is connected to the Internet and broadcasting a signal. Use a PC to ensure that all router settings are complete before turning on the PS3.