Mar 16, 2014 · RELATED: How to Never Use iTunes With Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. For most people, iCloud backups will be good enough. You don’t need iTunes. But, if you really want a complete backup, you can create one from within iTunes. To restore this back up later, just connect your device to your computer and use the Restore Backup button.

It's not just petty criminals after your iPhone, it might one day also be the feds. And they won't go to Apple, they'll come straight to you. Since the introduction of iOS 8 almost a year ago Jun 14, 2018 · iTunes: A Good Tool to Encrypt iPhone Backup using iTunes. iTunes lets you encrypt iPhone backup. You can choose to encrypt backup in iTunes to lock and encode your data, and this feature can do more than other backup (those unencrypted ones). Besides contacts, videos, music and other regular data, it can back up other information: • Wi-Fi what does encrypt iphone backup mean ! More Less. iPhone 3GS, iOS 5 Posted on Oct 25, 2011 6:48 PM. Reply I Mar 07, 2017 · Tick the checkbox for Encrypt iPhone/iPad backup; Set up a password for the backup. Make sure to check ‘Remember this password in my keychain.’ Click on Backup Now under Manually Backup and Restore; When you start the setup process for the new iPhone, select restore from backup and use this encrypted backup; Turn off iTunes backup

No matter you forgot iPhone backup password or don't know the backup password, it is impossible to directly turn off encrypt iPhone backup option without password. But if the iPhone backup password can be found, it will be different and you can uncheck encrypt iPhone backup at any time in a general way.

After physically plugging your iPhone into your computer, you must turn-on the “Encrypt” backup option in iTunes for it to begin regular encrypted backups. Once done, you should also make a regular habit of backing up your encrypted backup to offsite storage, such as iCloud or another online backup service. Apr 14, 2014 · You should back up all of your data files and encrypt the sensitive ones that you don’t want other people to read. But that doesn’t mean you have to encrypt the backup.

Mar 05, 2019 · iTunes will create a new full backup of your device's data and will also overwrite and encrypt previous backups. Wait for the backup to finish. Then, check to ensure that it was properly encrypted.

Oct 30, 2019 · One of the features the iTunes app provides you with is the ability to create encrypted backups of your iOS-based devices. Using the feature, you can create secure backups that can contain your sensitive information such as your photos and videos. Encrypting your backups means that you're taking security of your personal information such as email account passwords or contact information one step further. It won't be enough for someone to simply get hold of your computer and look through your iPhone or iPad backups, since they'll need a password to use them.