Sep 25, 2019

(AWS) Let’s deploy a Simple Web Server with AWS Free Tier Jun 28, 2019 Stateful & Stateless web service - Course: AWS Certified In a stateless web service, the server doesn't keep any information from one request to the next. The client needs to do it's work in a series of simple transactions, and the client has to keep track of what happens between requests. So in the above example, the client needs to do each operation separately: connect and update the address

How to Create a Node.js Web Server as an Amazon AWS EC2

Which AWS EC2 instance should I use for my web server? - Quora This is a "How long is a piece of string?" question. We don't know what the expected load is on your server, for example - how many concurrent requests you're handling. That will determine two things: how many web servers you'll need (I'll come ba

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